Agnihotra - Ancient Knowledge Validated By Modern Science

Agnihotra - Ancient Knowledge Validated By Modern Science

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According to WHO (2016) about 4.2 million deaths occur every year as a result of exposure to ambient (outdoor) air pollution while household exposure to smoke from dirty cook stoves and fuels causes 3.8 million deaths every year. 91% of the world's population lives in places where air quality exceeds WHO guideline limits. Air pollution is a major environmental risk to health. By reducing air pollution levels, countries can reduce the burden of disease from stroke, heart disease, lung cancer, and both chronic as well as acute respiratory diseases, including asthma. The lower the levels of air pollution, the better the cardiovascular and respiratory health of the population will be, in both long- and short-term.

Policies and investments supporting cleaner transport, energy- efficient homes, power generation, industry and better municipal waste management would reduce key sources of outdoor air pollution. But can the air once polluted be reversed by any modem science technology? Perhaps No!!

Agnihotra, as emancipated by Vedas & Vedic sciences is an ancient and validated technology not only to prevent the air from being polluted but also reverse the process once the environment has been polluted.

Vedas & Vedic sciences have made significant contributions to the world civilization, culture and knowledge in all areas of human pursuits. These contributions, mostly unknown to the wider world, are often un-acknowledged and this wisdom often distorted.

Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati heralded the spiritual renascence in modem times. He revived the ancient approach to Vedic concepts. Among other things, he reintroduced five basic duties / Yajnas to be performed by every human being every day.

Agnihotra is one of the five duties / Yajnas (Pancha MahaYagna) to be performed by every householder twice a day. It has been an integral part of the Vedic culture and it is also known by the name: of Deva Yajna, Havana and Homa. All the 16 Sanskara. including marriage ceremony start with Agnihotra.

Agnihotra is not just a spiritual duty or ritual, it is a spirituali enlightening experience. Moreover, it has a great science hidden in it. It is the most ancient science which helps to purify air an environment. But during past several centuries of foreign rule, WI Indians have forgotten and ignored this science. When Maharish Dayanand rekindled the Vedic heritage, people started taken interest in this ancient hidden knowledge. Lot of research has since been conducted and plenty of literature has been brought out on third science in the recent past. There are some good books by eminent scholars like Acharya Vishwa Shravah Vyas, Swami (Dr.) Satyr Prakash and Dr. Ram Prakash on the subject. But this knowledge has not trickled down to the common man and has remained restricted to researchers and scholars. Moreover, many book an out of print and not available. Literature in simple lay-man': language is hard to be found.

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'अंकुर आर्य'आर्ष गुरुकुलीय प्रणाली में निष्णात विशारद व आचार्य हैं जिन्होने दर्शन, उपनिषद्, स्मृति, नीति, श्रीगीताजी, रामायण व महाभारत का अध्ययन कर विश्वभर में वैदिक ग्रंथों का प्रचार प्रसार किया। उन्होने 2013 में सरकारी नौकरी का लालच छोड गृह त्याग कर सम्पूर्ण भारत का भ्रमण किया व योग, अध्यात्म तथा गुरुकुलीय शिक्षा हेतु महर्षि दयानंद सरस्वती जी के सम्बोधन "वेदों की ओर लौटो" का संदेश लोगों तक पहुंचाया। गुरुकुलीय शिक्षा के बाद उन्होंने इस्लाम, इसाईयत का सनातन ग्रंथों से तुलनात्मक अध्ययन किया तथा हिन्दुओं के विरुद्ध चल रहे 'कन्वर्ज़न सिंडिकेट' को तोडने के लिए सीधे शास्त्रार्थ का बिगुल‌ फूंका तथा स्वामी श्रद्धानंद जी के शुद्धि आंदोलन को आगे बढाने हेतु अपनी आहुति देना आरम्भ किया।
जाकिर नाइक द्वारा वेद, उपनिषद्, गीताजी व रामायण पर लगाए सभी आक्षेपों का एक ही बार में निरुत्तर करने वाला जवाब देकर उन्होंने मनुस्मृति का अध्यापन किया जिसके द्वारा मनुस्मृति के विषय में फैलाई जा रही सभी भ्रांतियों का निवारण किया।
ख्वाजा मोईनुद्दीन चिश्ती दरगाह के खादिमों द्वारा 'सोफिया कॉलेज ब्लैकमेल कांड' पर पहली बार लोगों को पुनः जागृत करने के कारण राजस्थान सरकार द्वारा सन् 2020 में अभियोग भी चलाया गया। लेकिन उनका यह कार्य निरंतर जारी है।
तुलनात्मक अध्ययनव भ्रांति निवारण के इसी युद्ध में उनकी पहली कृति "ढाई मोर्चे का चक्रव्यूह" आपके हाथों में है जो देश के भीतर छिपे देश के दुश्मनों को पहचानने में सबसे बडा अस्त्र सिद्ध होगी

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