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Sanatan Haat

श्रीकेदारनाथ मंदिर - Shri Kedarnath mandir 🚩🚩 ( Small Size )

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Bring home the 3D Printed Shrikedarnath Temple from your Sanatan Haat today. You get this 3D Shrikedarnath Temple. This temple is a 3D model of the original Shrikedarnath located in Uttarakhand. An attempt has been made to make it as detailed as possible. This Shrikedarnath temple is water proof. The product is packed inside a box with thermocol packing with complete protection. One of the applications of FDM 3D printing is to create scale architectural models. Every manufacturing process has its advantages and disadvantages. It is amazing how beautifully the pillars and arches of the temple can be made by this process. MDF 3Dprinting is an additive manufacturing process that sometimes leaves traces of material deposits. We do our best to post the process and bring the best out of the models.